Irene gained the necessary experience in dog handling growing up at her parents kennel establishment in the Diamond Valley, where they bred, reared and trained some of the best racing greyhounds in Australia. The great ‘Temlee’ stood at stud there for many years.


In 1999 Irene and Greg purchased ‘Happy Dog’ boarding kennels in Yarrambat Victoria. They renamed the kennels ‘ A Dogs Domain’  and over the next 10 years developed a thriving and caring business held in high regard by their customers. The business grew from ‘word of mouth’ recommendations rather than advertising.

In February 2009 they opened their kennel complex free of charge to house the many homeless dogs and cats in the aftermath of the devastating bush fires. Vets from all over Victoria maintained a 24 hour care roster to attend to the many pets suffering from burns and trauma. All dogs and cats had their owners visit them during their recovery. With little, if anything, left at home, dogs and cats were housed for the following 6 months until their owners found accommodation that could contain their pets.


Greg and Irene sold the property in 2010.  Maintaining a contact with the industry they retained the business name ‘A Dogs Domain’ and their customer data base.


Missing their customers’ wagging tails, they recently purchased ‘Dalwood Kennels’ in Dixons Creek, located an hour from the Melbourne GPO in the breathtaking Yarra Valley. They have now re-opened ‘A Dogs Domain and Cats too’ and look forward to catching up with their past customers and meeting new ones.



Sarge and Chewy
Otto Desk