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Dog Boarding

We know you don't want to leave them but when you need to, let us ease your mind that we will make sure your pet feels comfortable and relaxed. Whether its their first boarding experience, or they’re seasoned regulars, their wellbeing is central to everything we do.

Dog Accommodation

Dog suites available year round from $50.00/day.
Single suites during peak periods are $100.00/day.

As pet owners, we all know the struggle of finding a reliable place to board our furry friends when we go out of town or are unable to care for them ourselves. It can be a nerve-wracking experience, leaving our beloved pets in the care of strangers while we are away. However, with the right boarding facility, we can rest assured that our pets are receiving the love, attention, and care they need.

A Dogs Domain and Cats too is a small family-owned-and-operated business that has been providing outstanding dog boarding and accommodation for several years. At A Dogs Domain and Cats too, we know the importance of ensuring that your dog receives proper care and attention, which is why we have a team of dedicated professionals who work relentlessly to cater to all your dog's needs. From regular feeding and exercise routines to administering medication and providing comfortable sleeping quarters, we make sure that your dog is safe, happy, and comfortable during their stay with us. Your dog's well-being is our main priority, and we do everything in our capability to keep them happy and healthy during their stay with us.

Taking A Vacation?

So Is Your Dog.

We offer long-term and short-term boarding. Every dog has spacious
accommodations and daily exercise time in our play yards.

Premium Food

A Dogs Domain and Cats too provides a wide variety of premium food, ensuring the right diet for every dog.

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Appropriate Daily Exercise

Every dog deserves plenty of exercise. We ensure your pet's receive the right amount of daily exercise.

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Extremely Spacious Suites

All our dog boarding kennels are spacious and include privacy panels for that extra comfort and wellbeing.

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Entire Males & Females (un-desexed)

Un-desexed dogs will be accepted at the discretion of 'A Dogs Domain and Cats too' during both peak and non-peak periods.

A $10.00 daily surcharge applies for all un-desexed Dogs.

Peak Periods

Christmas/New Year, Easter, school holidays and long weekends.
**Anti-social and single accommodation breeds (please see below) will be charged $100.00 per dog, per day during peak periods.
Please note: single accommodation is limited during these periods.

Single Accommodation Breeds: Am Staffs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Black Russian Terriers, Boxers, Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Cattle Dogs, Chow Chows, Dobermans, English Staffordshires, French Bulldogs, Great Danes, Kelpies, Greyhounds, Heelers, Huskies, Malamutes, Mastiffs, Maremmas, Newfoundlands, Rottweilers, Ridgebacks, Shepherds, Shiba Inus, Staghounds, St Bernards, Wolfhounds etc.

Any dogs that are crossed with one of these breeds will also require single accommodation.

Peak Period Dates

  • Labour Day weekend: 8th March - 12 March 2024
  • Easter: 28th March - 2nd April 2024
  • April School Holidays: 3rd April - 15th April 2024
  • King’s Birthday weekend: 7th June - 11th June 2024
  • June/July School Holidays: 28th June - 15th July 2024
  • September School Holidays / AFL Grand Final: 20th September - 8th October 2024
  • Melbourne Cup Weekend: 1st November - 6th November 2024
  • School Holidays / Christmas / New Year: 19th December 2024 - 31st January 2025

Please note: all fees are payable (less any deposit paid) prior to or at the time of admission of each Pet to ADDACT. We accept payment by Cash, Mastercard, Visa and EFTPOS. Surcharge applies: 1.5% on Visa/Mastercard and 0.5% EFTPOS (auto calculated on EFTPOS terminal). Bank Transfer for deposits and advance payments are also accepted. All animals are charged for the day they arrive. Animals collected before 11:30am will not be charged for the day, unless it is a public holiday. Animals delivered are charged for the day they are delivered. Days of delivery are Monday, Wednesday and Fridays (excluding public holidays).

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